Amy Page DeBlasio (APD) is a woman-owned distinctive and ethical contemporary design label founded in 2017. Each APD piece is an expression of Amy’s artistic aesthetic, radiating movement and energy in a seamless blend of urban attitude and edgy sophistication. From each design concept to every stitch, APD reveals impeccable attention to detail. Through a mix of bold fabrics and luxe textiles, APD’s impactful and elevated designs demand attention, provoke excitement, and express confidence. Amy personally designs every single garment and sources every fabric and notion, down to the last button. You can often find her dropping a sample off to the pattern maker or running around the garment district looking for just the right trim. APD is more than a trend, it’s a lifestyle. And it never goes out of stye. Designed in our Rhode Island studio and made in NYC with pride.




 Amy Page DeBlasio, proud Providence, Rhode Island native, views the world through an artistic lens. Since she was a child, Amy’s life has revolved around art in one form or another, where she often paired conventional materials with unexpected components in her drawing, painting, jewelry-making, and sculpture. She has always been an artist, and found her niche in fashion.
Amy graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Science degree in Textiles, Fashion Merchandising, and Design. She also received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Italian Language and Literature from URI.
Amy pushes conventional norms. An exuberant personality and edgy artistic perspective inspire her eye-catching designs and express a distinct urban attitude. Her bold and exotic pieces, created by pairing different patterns, fabrics, colors, and textures, promote thought, excitement, and most importantly, confidence.

Her inspiration is her intuition. She designs what she likes, and doesn't get wrapped up in the trends and what everyone else is doing. Amy does her own thing and has a passion to create pieces outside the box. She loves feeling connected to her customers through how they feel in her garments.

Amy has been a featured designer in several runway shows, has won Rhode Island Monthly's Best Fashion Designer the past six years, has been featured in many prominent publications, such as Elle and Forbes, has had a lot of critical acclaim, and two of her pieces were featured in the Worcester Art Museum’s summer 2021 exhibition The Iconic Jersey: Baseball x Fashion.