The Stylish Fashion Trends Totally Taking Over Summer 2024

Hi there, trendsetter! So thrilled you're here! If you're new, APD World is your ultimate hangout spot to connect, share experiences, and dive into everything fab. From fashion and travel to beauty and beyond, we’ve got it all. And if it’s not your first time here, welcome back! Now let’s get into it. Yesterday was the Fourth of July 🇺🇸 ☀️ which can only mean one thing; we are officially in the midst of summer! We've searched far and wide to find the hottest major fashion trends of summer 2024 and of course, there's no gatekeeping here! We've got you, and want to make sure that you're always the fashion-forward friend. Keep reading to catch ALL the juicy details.

Step into Summer 2024: Mesh Flats Make a Chic Comeback

Raise your hand if you remember these bad boys from the early 2000’s! 🙋🏻‍♀️ You might've owned a pair or even seen them in your grandmother’s closet. They’ve been having their day (or days) in the sun once again. In true Gen-Z fashion, mesh slippers - or Chinese slippers - were brought back into style, thanks to TikTok. If you ask us… they’re kind of the perfect summer shoe. Lightweight, easy to slip on and off, not as basic as sandals, plus cute embellishments? Sign us up! Though these Free People mesh slippers are embellishment-free, they're still a great example of how brands have made the nostalgic shoes chic and fashionable to fit right in to the current fashion climate!

Jelly Shoes (not to be confused with jelly fish 😉) Are the New Summer Staple 🪼

Did you have these too? 🫣 On the same wavelength as the mesh slippers, it seems jelly shoes are once again all the rage. When The Row featured them in their Paris Pre-Fall 2024 show, they were bound to come back in style, and they certainly have. Jeffrey Campbell, Mango, and other brands seem to have jumped on the bandwagon, offering some of the chicest jellies you can find. The real question is... can you find jelly shoes that don’t hurt your feet? 😂😅 Check out some of these classic jelly styles below to get you through this summer.

Sheer Delight: Embrace the Barely-There Trend This Summer

We can’t be surprised that hot weather brings out all those barely-there fabrics. From skirts, to tops, to dresses, everything seems to be sheer this season (see mesh slipper above). And we can't talk about this trend without mentioning Dua Lipa's jaw-dropping sheer dress at Jacquemus' cruise show in Capri this June. She totally set the bar for sheer fashion this summer. Plus, her red hair against the turquoise Jacquemus dress was such a moment—total mermaid vibes! P.S. APD has some of the perfect pieces for your own sheer moment this summer. Check out these ultra-chic faves below! 

Blossom in Bloomers: Summer's Trendiest Throwback

Bloomers are back - and this time for adults! 🤔 These ultra mini shorts are playful, feminine, and perfect for summer! Though we’ve been seeing them make their way into high-fashion for awhile now, we can thank Hailey Bieber for their full-fledged return into the masses. She posted an adorable pic on IG in February rocking a cute pair of bloomers, making sure they’re back in style for summer. Bloomers offer a chic and comfy alternative to traditional denim shorts, thanks to their often lightweight fabrics. They’re perfect for staying cool while looking stylish. Embrace this fun and flirty trend and check out some of the cutest bloomers you need to add to your closet this season! ⬇️

Prep Your Step: Athletic Styles Sprint into Summer

It seems everywhere we look from high fashion to fast-fashion, we see a combination of preppy meets athleticism - think Gossip Girl style. Miu Miu has definitely been the conveyor of this trend through multiple collections showing heavy influence from this aesthetic. Polo shirts, rugby shirts, pleated skirts, collared button-downs are just some examples of what can be expected this summer, if you haven’t already seen them. It’s all about that preppy, effortlessly cool style. And if you haven’t noticed, tennis clothing is back in a big way, thanks to the buzzworthy movie "Challengers" that premiered earlier this season. We're talking chic tennis skirts and dresses, embodying that ultimate country-club cool. From brunch to beach days, these looks are perfect for keeping your summer style fresh and fun! We've linked the cutest tennis dress from inPhorm NYC here. 🎾

Get Hooked on Crochet: The Must-Have Knit of the Summer

Are you in the loop? 🧶 Ok, to be fair, crochet is kind of always a summer trend, but it seems like this year we’ve been seeing more crochet than ever. We’re obsessed with the pieces from the small business Work From Beach Be Like and Black Onyx. These brands are totally redefining crochet with their unique sets and dresses. They’ve taken crochet to the next level with fun colors, embellished fabrics, and innovative silhouettes. You’ll look like an ethereal mermaid who just got her legs! Dive into these dreamy crochet styles and make waves all summer long! 

And guys, don't think we forgot about you! Crochet is THE look for you too! Check out this eye-catching crochet button-down from Scotch & Soda.

Capri-vating Styles: The Must-Have Pants to Keep You Cool this Summer

Capri pants have been making a steady comeback, and it’s safe to say they are definitely on-trend this summer. These in-between shorts and pants are the perfect summer staple to have in your closet. Not only are they chic and will keep you cooler than traditional pants, they’re also office-approved! Want to go straight from work to the beach, or take a nice walk on your lunch break? These practical and versatile bottoms make it possible, all while nailing that office siren aesthetic that TikTokers can’t get enough of. Whether you pair them with a crisp blouse for a professional look or a breezy top for a more relaxed vibe, these in-between shorts and pants are as fashionable as they are functional. We’re all about fashion that’s both convenient and trendy, and these bottoms deliver just that! Keep scrolling to see how capri pants hit the runway in SS 2024 collections.

Go Wild: Animal Prints Roar into Men's Fashion This Summer 🐆🦓

Yaaaas, we love this for you! You know APD always loves animal prints - they're one of our favorite neutrals. They're even better now that everyone can wear them. Some of the biggest and best fashion houses have shown these prints on the runway for this season from Vivienne Westwood, to Saint Laurent, to Dior. This Allsaints Leoza shirt is just what you need to be bold and show off your confidence this summer as predator of the catwalk! Ladies, you could totally rock this fashion-forward shirt too.Leopard Button-Down Shirt

Flower Power: The Floral Fashion Statement of Summer 2024 🌺

Best for last! We’ve seen it all over the runway - huge flowers, rose appliqué, flower patterns- you get the point. From Balmain to Burberry to APD, it seems this trend has completely taken over fashion this summer. Flowers are one of those things that will always be on trend when the weather gets warmer, but designers are getting extra unique in their approach.

We especially love the 3-D flower appliqué pieces… Have you checked out APD’s show-stopping finale dress for our June runway? It’s all about the drama with appliqué flowers on the train (one was a ring!) and a fabulous matching flower headpiece. The whole show was a floral fantasy! We kicked things off with a model throwing flower petals made from leftover fabrics, creating a magical runway path. And we didn’t stop there – we had flower bouquets and details everywhere, all crafted from those same leftover fabrics. Talk about sustainability with style! Loving the fun, fresh vibes? I know we are! 😍

Now that you’re up to speed on the hottest summer trends of 2024, you’re all set to rock your summer style! Drop a comment below and let us know what you think the next big summer trend will be. Our guess? Boho is definitely making a big comeback—think 2014 Coachella vibes with flower crowns and all!

Stay tuned for our next blog on August 2nd. Remember, we post new blogs on the first Friday of every month. If you want to stay chic and in the know, make sure to follow along. Sign up for our email list and follow us on all socials @amypagedeblasio to never miss an update. Stay hot out there. 🔥 😘

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