Amy Page DeBlasio, proud Providence, Rhode Island native, views the world through an artistic lens. Since she was a child, Amy’s life has revolved around art in one form or another, from drawing to painting and sculpture. She has been an artist since her earliest memories. Before studying design, Amy taught herself how to make jewelry, often pairing conventional materials with unexpected components. While in high school, Amy designed and sewed her own prom dress to fit her fashion standards and express her own unique style because she did not want an “off the rack” look. Amy went on to graduate from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Science degree in Textiles, Fashion Merchandising, and Design. She also received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Italian Language and Literature from URI.

After years of experimenting and manipulating fabrics and designing and constructing her own pieces, along with her own jewelry, Amy knew it was time to take this creativity to the next level. Amy now designs clothing and accessories and uses her unique style to make pieces of wearable art that reach and impact others in a meaningful way. Her bold and exotic designs, created by pairing different patterns, fabrics, colors, and textures, intend to provoke thought and excitement. She pushes conventional norms - engaging the wearer to dare and imagine. An exuberant personality and edgy artistic perspective inspire her designs and express a distinct, flirty urban attitude.

Amy has been a featured designer in StyleWeek Northeast runway shows during the past three years.